The Reverend Dr. Jan Carlsson-Bull
Unitarian Universalist Minister

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Worship & Other Celebrations

Worship is the lodestar of congregational life. Worship grounds us on Sunday morning and well beyond. It does not stand alone but rises like the flame of our chalice from the vitality of faith community.


Jan D Allen Rev. Dr. Carlsson-Bull invites you to read the following sermons as examples of what she offers from the pulpit, understanding that each was delivered within the context of a full worship service:

Special Services

Blessing of the Animals In addition to traditional holiday services, Rev. Dr. Carlsson-Bull has led a variety of worship experiences that include but are not limited to: a Water Communion Ingathering, Easter sunrise on the beach, a Coming of Age celebratory service, Earth Day Sunday worship, Association Sunday worship, Evolution Sunday worship, an Advent Blessing of the Animals, and an intergenerational service with an 11-year-old expert on roller coasters called “A Wild Ride.”

Rites of Passage

Celebration is the common denominator for rites of passage—for child dedications celebrating the arrival of a new life and sometimes a child whose parents are now ready for such an observance, for weddings celebrating the public affirmation of two people in love and committed to walking their life journeys together, for memorials services that are celebrations of a life lived.

Provincetown WeddingRev. Dr. Carlsson-Bull has dedicated children sound asleep and children intent on ingesting the dedication rose for breakfast. She has celebrated weddings of couples young and in love; of couples ripe with age and love; of loving couples gay and lesbian and straight; and of couples and guests gathered in sanctuaries, in gardens, on farms, and on the beach. In a wedding brochure of First Parish UU Cohasset, she has stated:

“Love comes at such a premium for any of us, I can only celebrate it, when a couple comes to me asking that I preside at the ceremony of their commitment to one another in the bond of love known as marriage.”

Wedding Ceremony

Photograph by Mark Eclipse

Rev. Dr. Carlsson-Bull has led multiple “celebrations of life” on behalf of the friends and families of the one who has died—from a young child to her very own mother, who died at the age of 100.


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“As a DRE having worked closely with Jan for three years, I know that Rev. Jan is a minister in the truest sense. Jan's sermons stimulate the mind and her pastoral presence nurtures the soul, inspiring everyone to put their faith into action."

Jim Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Call to Action
Former DRE, First Parish UU, Cohasset, MA